The GlideStop features our patented Indexing System along with a hairline sight gauge, smooth travel, and an array of accessories to meet your shop's specific needs. Our stop gives you custom, user defined, presets that gives our stop the repeatability and accuracy that other manual stop systems can't match, and at a price that automated stop system's can't beat. Look through our site, download our videos, and see why the GlideStop is the perfect choice.
QuickSilver Mitersaw Tables, and Roller Extension Tables, offer you the versatile table systems that adapt to most any application. Mitersaw Tables feature four point leveling, and can adjust to fit most any saw's dimensions. Mitersaws are available in free standing, bench mount, and solid top configurations. The roller extension tables are available in several widths and heights, and when using our Universal Connector Kit, they easily mount to your machinery.
The GlideStop Rip Fence is an add-on for the Beismeyer T-square rip fence for table saws. Our system Gives you the patented indexing system, for repeatable presets, a frame which keeps the fence square at all times, and UHMW glide bars for smooth travel. Watch the Rip Fence Video.