Why Should I Choose the GlideStop?

digital_largeThe GlideStop bridges the gap between automated and manual stop systems with it’s patented indexing system.

Our stop system will increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your shop.

The GlideStop has a great line of accessories to suit your shop’s specific needs.

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What is the Indexing System?

diagramThe patented indexing system allows the GlideStop to return to any number of preset positions thanks to the indexes.

The indexes can be placed quickly and easily anywhere along the fence. The indexes are also extremely accurate.

Unlike other systems our fence is not hindered by multiple stops. The GlideStop can be tightened anywhere along the fence regardless of index placement.

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GlideStop Accessories.

accessory_imageThe GlideStop has a number of available accessories to enhance the efficiency of our stop system.






Accessories include:


Infeed/Outfeed Packages.

gs2_lengthOur GS2 fences were designed for easy mounting so they can add to nearly any machine. To learn more click here.

The GS2 fences come in standard lengths of: 4.0′, 6.5′, 8.5′, 10.5′, 12.5′



Interchangeable Package.

inter_img2_lgThe Interchangeable package gives you the ability to create a number of job specific index placements. When you change your task, you change your fence setup quickly and easily.




GlideStop Pricing.

We believe that the GlideStop is the best manual stop you can buy. Our prices are low and if you compare us to other systems you’ll find that we come out on top.

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